NICE 3 is featured with a unique distinct from their counterparts. As it lies in Kilo 75 in the western North Coast along 35 minutes from Alexandria on the amazing shore of the sea, white sand, turquoise waters where you find the unprecedented levels, allowing you to see the amazing beach from all units, in addition of dazzling the work of landscaping that are in harmony with the architectural design of the units, and most important element is the resort Infinity pool that is being implemented for the first time in the northern coast, which makes you feel that you swim in the waters of endless parties continued with sea water, as well as covering the swimming pool for women to provide privacy extension by the health club to enjoy and relax and another one dedicated to children, in addition to network services and facilities include a mall, billiard hall, mosque and gymnasiums.

NICE 3 is build-up of 500 units varied between villas and chalets of different design to suit different tastes, ranging in the flow of all the units to cover the sea view to enjoy the magnificent of the North Coast.