NICE 1 is the starting point of Mimary group in the northern coast, this Project has been unique among the rest of the surrounding projects to provide a luxury atmosphere in which to enjoy the splendor and beauty of the northern coast keeping in view the beauty of the northern coast in design to provide quality services to our customers such as provision of a large number of swimming pools in an area ranging from (1600 m 2 to 2500 m 2) , the water games, landscapes and areas dedicated for playgrounds and commercial market to meet the distinct needs of the village’s pioneers, in addition to the artificial lakes and waterfalls to characterize the beauty and magic of the place.

12% of the total area has been allocated only of b uildings, which includes 160 villas in complete privacy with distinct architectural style, in addition to 252 Chalet with designs, finishes, and distinctive design has been considered in many of the models to give the customer freedom of choice in accordance with the requirements.